Holistic Hug


Treatment Time 1 hour 30 minutes, £160 per person

Fletcher's, Holistic Hug Spa Day Package has been specifically designed to bring harmony and balance to those who are managing their experience with Cancer.

Our therapists have received in-depth training in Cancer Touch Therapy with the Made For Life Foundation and are experts in delivering safe, comfort specific treatments.

These blissful 90 minutes will tap into your own personal goals leaving you feeling more relaxed, with better immune function, less anxiety and an overall sense of calm wellbeing.

We will guide you through a consultation journey for your 90 minutes from our nurturing treatments Hand on Heart, which focuses on the back, neck and face using a series of slow gentle touches, along with our Soul Sensation, using rhythmical massage movements on the feet to evoke relaxation. Reiki, a gentle energy work will also be used to re-balance your energy levels.

This package is all about you creating a perfectly bespoke treatment for your needs with our loving hands.

Package Features

  • TIME for 90 minutes
  • Pressed Juice and Healthy Lunch Platter
  • Full use of the Spa Facilities