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How to prevent 'Maskne'

Who would have thought this time last year that life would look quite like this, we have all had to make huge sacrifices this year with varying restrictions in place for our safety.

One such change to our daily way of life in our ‘new normal’ is face coverings. Shown as an essential in protecting others whilst in higher footfall public areas face coverings are undoubtedly here to stay for the foreseeable.

We all know though that regular use of face coverings can impact the beautiful glow of our skin, but it doesn’t have to be that way with a simple skin care regime.

Our expert team at Fletcher’s Cottage let you in to some of their secrets for glowing skin even whilst wear a face covering.

Choose The Right Mask

It's amazing to see the huge variety of face masks that people are wearing, with some equally eye-catching designs! One of the first steps in preventing maskne is choosing the right face mask. Try to go for cotton, silk or polyester-blend masks which will provide the perfect compromise between protection and breathability, minimising the damage to your skin.


First things first you should continue your morning and evening skin care routines and be sure to wash your face before and after wearing a mask. You’ll want to make sure to use facial cleansers that are gentle on the skin and removes dirt and oil without disrupting the skin barrier. We recommend Hydrating Renewing Rose Cleanser by Aromatherapy Associates, gentle and effective for wiping away impurities.

Another option is the Loves a Scrub by Voya. This super light & non-aggressive facial scrub contains a special blend of organic botanical herbs and seaweed extracts that work in harmony to both soothe and gently exfoliate the surface of the skin, enabling your serum and moisturiser to be easily absorbed. Your skin will look fresh and revitalised and feel soft and nourished.


When it comes to which moisturiser to pick its best to skip the oil-based varieties and stay away from heavy creams and ointments when wearing a mask, as these can clog pores and worsen acne. As an alternative, we recommend a light, calming, and soothing moisturiser such as the Black Rose Skin Infusion Cream from Sisley. It is rich in antioxidants, reduces excess oil and improves uneven skin tone.

An alternative you could try is the Get Glowing Mask by Voya. This award-winning mineral rich mask that will illuminate dull and lifeless skin while deep cleansing and drawing out impurities.

Take Care of Your Lips

Nobody likes that feeling of having chapped lips, but this can be another drawback of excessive use of a face covering. Avoid this by using the Soothe and Nourish Lip Balm from Made For Life which will protect you from dryness. This sumptuous lip balm works on three levels; coconut oil softens and moisturises, cinnamon leaf plumps and beeswax provides a protective barrier. Apply the product before you wear your mask as well as before you go to bed.

Wash Your Masks

If you are wearing a reusable mask, then we advise you to wash it after every use. Using a dirty mask will not only create skin issues but also increase the chances of catching an infection. If using a washing machine include your mask in the regular laundry, use regular detergent and the warmest appropriate water setting for the cloth and finally lay flat and let dry completely, or dry on the highest heat setting and you are ready to go again.

Want to know more? Come along to the Retail Space at Fletcher's Cottage and get some expert advice from our team to find the best product to match your circumstances or email

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Get The Fletcher's Treatment!

Our new and improved Fletcher's Cottage Signature Treatment uses the finest Beatitude body oils to bring you the ultimate massage.

Created by our highly skilled therapists, with you in mind.

All you need to do is lie back, relax and enjoy this wonderful hour-long body treatment.

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Facials From Home

Even though we are unable to offer facials in the Spa at present it doesn't mean you can't enjoy the benefits from the comfort of home.

Purchase the brilliant VOYA Skincare set for £35 and we will include some added treats to complete the authentic Fletcher's facial experience.

Keep your eyes peeled for a video tutorial with our incredible VOYA ambassador Adele, who will guide you through how to get the most out of your products.

Come along to our Spa Retail Space to get your kit now!

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Lavender Love

We are sure you are missing our beautiful and peaceful Spa walled garden. One of the our favourite sights is the swathes of iconic lavender blooming at this time of year.

Growing your own lavender at home can be so rewarding; it's pretty, fragrant and attracts plenty of wildlife. With the right conditions, this perennial will thrive in your garden for many years, filling it with gorgeous scent and bright colour.

Lavender makes an excellent companion plant for other herbaceous perennials such as thyme, rosemary, and sage. Most English varieties are hardy and will cope with hard frosts, and can be grown in containers – perfect for patios and small spaces.

The lavender blossoms can be harvested for a variety of uses, from infused oils, helping you sleep at night or bath salts. It can even be added to herbal teas or used to infuse your infused vinegar.

Why not try yourself until you return to the Spa Garden!

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